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6 Secrets for a Flawless Holiday Manicure

There’s a lot more to a perfect holiday manicure than simply buying your favourite polish colours. Learn how to keep your nails properly groomed so they sparkle and shine for all your festive events.

1. Filing Your Nails

Shape nails while they’re dry. Using the fine side of an emery board, file each nail gently to follow the contour of your fingertips.

2. Buff Until Smooth

If you nails have ridges, stroke them lightly with a chamois-covered buffer. Rub back and forth across them for a few seconds and slide your other fingertips against them periodically so you can feel as soon as they have become smooth.

3. Keep Your Fingernails Clean

Before starting a manicure, soak your nails in warm soapy water for a few minutes to loosen grit below the tips and to soften cuticles. Then clean your nails with a soft brush.

4. Remove Excess Cuticle Skin

Gently push back the cuticle on each finger with the edge of a hand towel or an orange stick wrapped in cotton. With cuticle scissors, cut off any hangnail or jagged cuticle.

5. Make Your Nails Shine

Rub buffing powder, paste, or cream into your nails. Buff crosswise until they shine. Then massage some hand lotion or cream around the cuticles.

6. Repair Broken Nails

To repair a split nail, use paper adhesive from a nail repair kit. Change the repaid often to ward off infection.