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Tips for Drone Wedding Photography

Drone wedding photography is a fantastic way to document special moments. Thanks to the unusual angles, you can take all kinds of creative and emotional pictures that your clients will cherish forever.

Drones come with unique limitations and requirements. As long as you know what to avoid, you should have a smooth wedding photoshoot.

Become a Certified Drone Pilot

No matter how experienced you are in drone wedding photography, you need to get a certificate to be a drone pilot. Some wedding couples might be okay with hiring amateurs. This, however, is a bad idea as it comes with a lot of risks.

For your own wellbeing, make sure you get a certification. This will give you confidence during drone wedding photography. It will also give you more opportunities to work as a drone wedding photographer.

Drone laws are different in every country. In the UK, you need insurance for any commercial projects that involve drone photography. You also need permission from the CAA. Drones mustn’t fly above 122 meters.

And these are just a few of the many laws you need to keep in mind for drone wedding photography.

Practice at the Rehearsal to Be More Confident At the Ceremony

Wedding rehearsals are very common. They can be the perfect opportunity to make a solid drone wedding photography plan.

If possible, ask the couple to allow you to be present during the rehearsal, even for just a few hours. You don’t have to capture photos with your wedding photography drone, but it would help to have a few examples.

You can share these drone wedding photography examples with the couple to give them an idea of your style and plan. This is the perfect time to collaborate with your clients and come up with new drone photography ideas.

Make the Most of Your Space

One of the most important things to keep in mind during drone photography is obstacles. Look out for trees, tall buildings, and anything that could get in the way. Find the best spots to shoot from so that you don’t bother the guests.

Height is also an important factor. How high can your drone go before the wedding venue starts to look dull? How low can it be before it starts distracting everyone? This is a great time to discuss what your clients are comfortable with.

Take Drone Photos Before and After People Arrive

This is an optional step, but it can help you take very creative drone wedding photos.

Using a high angle, take photos of the wedding venues before and after guests arrive. The difference between an empty and a crowded location will emphasize the love and warmth of the wedding.

To emphasize this further, place the photos side to side so that they become one photo. This is called a diptych. Diptychs are a great way to make use of outtakes and add more emotion to simple pictures.

Don’t Shoot Indoors

Some buildings have enough space for drone wedding photography. No matter how much space there is, don’t shoot indoors with a drone for wedding photography. It is risky, and the noise might create a lot of discomforts.

When everyone goes indoors, make use of the location. Since there’s no one around to get distracted, you can lower your wedding photography drone a little.

You can also go higher up to capture stunning aerial photography. You can use these outtakes in collages or diptychs to tell a more interesting story about the wedding.